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Buddy, what?

Buddy is a communications agency.

Communication can take many forms. From smoke signals to sign language, from colors and forms and symbols to language in all its shapes and flavors.

Without an adequate understanding, however, of what it is you wish to communicate – and who you wish to communicate with – all you are really doing is making noise. And while all this sounds simple enough, when we look around today, we see more noise than we do true communication. Brightly colored, energetic, electronic, technologically mind-blowing noise, but noise nonetheless. And, more importantly, noise that doesn’t achieve its purpose.

Buddy can help you achieve your marketing goals and create communication that does just that: communicates. In an effective and result oriented manner.

And whether your communication is designed to sell a product, convey an image, open a dialogue, create a buzz (or even to just get a message across), Buddy can help you find the most creative and efficient way to reach your target audience. And while some agencies focus on Social Media, some on print, others on the Net, others on TV, our focus is always simply on reaching the target audience, wherever they happen to be and using whatever tools and channels are needed to reach them.

Marketing, advertising, branding, image building – they all come down to communications. And Buddy is a communications agency.


Buddy, how?


All communication can be broken down into three basic components: the sender, the receiver, and the message. Our clients (usually) are the Senders. Their clients (usually) are the Receivers. Our clients (usually) ask us to help them develop “Messages” and ways of communicating these “Messages” to their clients.

Really, rather simple, when you break it down, isn’t it? Then why is true, effective communication so hard to achieve? Again, we think the answer is still rather simple. Communication, whether it be in the form of an Ad, a Brand Identity, a logo, a website, or a simple letter to your customers, tends to break down when we do not adequately understand one of the above three components. Companies don’t take the time to understand their customers, they don’t take the time to evaluate the relevance of their message, and as a result, customers either don’t view the message as relevant to them or they don’t take the time to absorb a company’s communications at all. And the message gets lost in the mix.

At Buddy, we take great pains to ensure that the message never gets lost in the mix. We attack every problem from a number of angles. Sometimes all at once. Doing everything we can think of to ensure that the communication we produce is useful, efficient, and creative. Our goal is simple – to combine creativity and strategy to help you get the most from your advertising budget. To help you build and support brands online, offline, and anywhere. To help you get noticed, to help you communicate and focus your message, and to help you make money and other good stuff like that.

Over the years, we at Buddy have specialized in helping our clients develop a clear and structured strategy and helping them focus on reaching the right people with the right message in the right manner. How can we help you? There is no way, naturally, to show that here. We don’t even know you. We would love to meet you, however. We would love to show you who we are and what we do. And let you decide for yourself whether you need a little Buddy in your life.

Buddy, Big


Working with international organizations across borders and time zones brings a great deal of challenges. Buddy has lengthy experience in working with large, international companies and in meeting the range of challenges that such operations entail. We are well aware, for example, that in large organizations, the internal communication and channel communication surrounding a project is usually just as important as the end communication to customers. Neglecting these stages is to limit the effectiveness of the communications.

And when it comes to external communications, we help clients cut through the clutter and static in order to create a solid communications strategy and a means of implementing it. Our primary tool in these efforts? Good old fashioned common sense.

We see too often that it is just this ingredient – good, solid, common sense – that gets lost in the endless stream of buzz words and diagrams, forgotten in the search for gold eggs, prize pencils, and the like. Common sense like:

  • The primary purpose of your communication should be to help promote and sell products and brands, not to win awards or impress other agencies, and not to please internal department heads.
  • No communication is good or successful if it doesn’t increase sales or brand awareness.
  • You need to speak your customers’ language, not your own.
  • Communication should never be one way, regardless of media. Communication is an interactive process. Always.
  • There is no trendy silver bullet. No single tool or technology or media that will solve your problems.

At Buddy, we use common sense as a starting point for all projects. Period. At Buddy, all our efforts are focused on doing what’s best for the customer. Both ours and yours.

Doing what is best for your end customer means not always agreeing with everything our customer (that means you) says on everything. Call it Tough Love, call it Integrity, call it whatever, but you don’t get your money’s worth from “Yes Men”.

What you do need is a creative partner that can provide a critical eye, an outside perspective, and a sounding board. Our role isn’t to think like you do – after all, you can do that better than we can. Our role is to think like your competition, to think like your retailers and distributors, and – most importantly – like your customers. At Buddy we take the point of view that we’re all on the same team, all trying to reach the same goals. Because what’s good for you is ultimately good for us. And we’re prepared to fight for what’s good for you if need be.

Buddy, small


Starting or running a small business is tough. We share your pain. We’ve been through it several times. One of the toughest aspects of establishing or growing a small business is the fact that just when you need good marketing and communications the most, often you just can’t afford the level of service or help that you would like to have.

Quite often, small businesses are forced to use agencies and communications partners that don’t really have the experience or quality of the top level agencies. Ironically, it is often only AFTER you have succeeded in growing your business that you can get or afford the help that you needed in the early days.

We at Buddy think there is a way around that problem.

We at Buddy have the experience to know that while the list of marketing bells and whistles is long, there is a huge difference between what you want and what you need. We will help you to determine what activities or materials are essential to your business and to your growth and to ensure that you get the most impact and value for your investment. And when you’re ready to expand, to add some bells and whistles, we will be ready to help you make that move as well.

Because no matter how small the project, Buddy brings a wealth of top level expertise to the table, giving you access to our years of experience, and at a fraction of what comparable agencies would charge. We are small, dynamic, and flexible, and this means that we can provide a level of service and quality that you never thought you could afford. You get the professional help and guidance that you need to grow your business. And you get it now, not later, with a partner that can grow with you, scaling our involvement to suit your needs.

No business is too small to benefit from proper communications. Be it a matter of branding, a website, or a simple logo and graphic ID, the clearer and more professionally you communicate with your target groups, the more effective your communication – and your business – will be.

Let Buddy help.

Buddy, who?

Buddy has worked with a wide range of clients in an even wider range of industries. We have worked on both the client side and the agency side and have worked with almost every aspect of communications, graphic design, marketing, media, and advertising. Today, we work together with a broad network of highly skilled professionals who bring their expertise in web design, 3D graphics, product development, GUI design, database programming, project management, and localization to our mix.

We bring this wealth of experience and expertise to every project, bringing a personal “deep immersion” approach to our larger clients, and the benefit of our global experience and problem-solving to smaller clients. We pride ourselves on combining astute strategic thinking and planning with strong creative execution and design.

Over the years, Buddy has had the pleasure of working with such clients as:


  • Hasselblad (Global)
  • Hasselblad (USA)
  • Falkenberg County (Falkenberg)
  • Falkenberg Socialförvaltning (Falkenberg)
  • Falkenberg Barn & Ungdomsförvaltning
  • Falkenberg Näringlivs AB (Falkenberg)
  • Lerum County (Lerum)
  • Lerums Vuxenutbildning (Lerum)
  • Laholm County (Laholm)
  • Länsförsäkringar Fastigheter
  • Hallindens Granit (Skarstad)
  • HD Resources (Stockholm)
  • HD Solutions (Stockholm)
  • Ekan (Gothenburg)
  • Sigillet Fastighets AB (Gothenburg)
  • aPak AB (Mölndal)


  • Elmborgs Tandvård (Högsby)
  • TellUs (Oslo)
  • Linda Lej (Gothenburg)
  • Level Vodka, Vin och Sprit AB (Stockholm) (joint project with Daddy)
  • Carmen Systems (Part of Jeppesen Systems AB), (joint project with Solberg Communication), (Gothenburg)
  • Ludvig Svensson/Pelle Vävare (Kinna)
  • Fireturtle Productions (Gothenburg)
  • Zodiak Television (Stockholm, Copenhagen)
  • MTV Mastiff (Copenhagen)
  • Superstudio (Borås)
  • SoHo (Gothenburg)
  • The City of Helsingborg (Helsingborg)
  • Optiker C&A Jacobsson (Halmstad)
  • Global Refund (Tax Free for Tourists), Gothenburg (joint project with Solberg Communication)
  • Guld Ekonomiresurs (Gothenburg)
  • Volvo Technology Transfer (Gothenburg)
  • Volvo eLearning (joint project with Hilo)
  • Ekman AB (joint project with Solberg Communication), (Gothenburg)
  • Creative Craft (Falkenberg)
  • Neoventa Medical AB (Gothenburg)
  • Pergen (Gothenburg)
  • Sugarbeat (Stockholm)
  • Tom Bone Music (Stockholm)
  • GolfSaver (Gothenburg)
  • Desam Fashion Group (Gothenburg)
  • EMA Telstar/Gyllene Tider (Halmstad, Stockholm)
  • etc.

Buddy, work

  • All
  • Advertising
  • Web
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo

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  • Osbeck Recruitment Campaign

    Advertising / Web
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  • aPak Web design

    Branding / Web
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  • Level Vodka Website

    Branding / Web
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  • BoBättre Brochure

    Advertising / Branding / Graphic Design
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  • Hasselblad 200MS Campaign

    Advertising / Branding / Web
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  • C&A Jacobsson Advertising

    Advertising / Branding / Graphic Design
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  • C&A Jacobsson Web design

    Branding / Graphic Design / Web
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  • Hasselblad Web design

    Branding / Graphic Design / Web
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  • Hasselblad Interface design

    Branding / Graphic Design
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  • Elmborgs Web site

    Branding / Graphic Design / Web
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  • Hallindens Granit Advertising

    Advertising / Branding
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  • Volvo Technology Transfer, Identity and Marketing Materials

    Advertising / Branding / Graphic Design
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  • Framtid Falkenberg, magazine design

    Branding / Graphic Design
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  • Hasselblad Image Campaign

    Advertising / Branding
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  • Hasselblad David Lynch Print/Web Advertisement

    Advertising / Branding
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  • Hasselblad Masters Program

    Advertising / Branding
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  • Hasselblad USA, Click Campaign

    Advertising / Branding
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  • Lerum Concept Book

    Advertising / Branding / Graphic Design
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  • Lerum Illustrations Concept

    Branding / Graphic Design
    Permalink Image
  • Falkenberg Museum Poster Design

    Advertising / Branding / Graphic Design
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  • Falkenbergs Kommun Advertising Concept and Materials

    Advertising / Branding
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Buddy, where

Fabriksstråket 2, Jonsered

William Gibsons Väg 1A
433 76 Jonsered
+46 31 10 69 40

And just where the heck is that, you ask?

Well, going against the stream is part of what we do.

We have usually, however, considered that to be more of a philosophical thing than a physical one.

Imagine our surprise, then, when we found ourselves moving outside of Gothenburg (and not to New York or Tokyo or Mumbai or even Bastardtown, Ireland or Accident, Maryland or Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch) (all real places, we promise), but to little old Jonsered, Sweden.

Or more accurately, to an old, until recently abandoned factory outside of Jonsered, which is like a stone’s throw from GBG center, but still...

It is, suffice it to say, an extremely cool place. (Even if it does take some time to get used to all the trees and birds and babbling brooks and all that other nature type stuff.)

To get here?

From the E20, take the Jonsered exit, drive through the tiny but ever so picturesque center of Jonsered, then turn left into the Jonsered Fabriker grounds. Parking is on the left, we are in the free-standing two story brick building to the right by the mill stream. If you are taking the train from Gothenburg central, it's nine minutes to Jonsered station, then straight through the factory grounds to the mill stream and a sharp left. Either way, we'll look forward to seeing you!