The Buddy System

What is the Buddy System?

Known throughout the world, the buddy system is a procedure in which two people, “buddies”, work together to monitor and help one another when carrying out potentially dangerous endeavors. The system is designed to reduce risk and to help you successfully navigate any emergency or crisis. We have taken this basic principle and combined it with a multi-disciplinary, analytic approach to product launch and marketing. The result is a unique and dynamic approach to product development and marketing. A new type of Buddy System.

We are a multi-national group, representing three different countries, and an even wider range of backgrounds, ranging from engineering, product development, and product launch, to marketing, advertising, journalism, and communications. We serve as a sounding board, a partner, or a consultant, helping you avoid mistakes, correct mistakes, or find opportunities you didn’t know were there.

There are many companies that want your business. We, on the other hand, want to make a difference to your business. We see no other reason to work together.

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